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    Date: May 4, 2018
    Chippewa Valley Technical College
    620 W. Clairemont Avenue
    8:00 a.m.-2:30 p.m.
    $95 per person, $500 table of 6, $55 for student ticket - limited number of tickets available for this event, payment required at registration, no refunds issued after 4/15.
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    Join us for LEADERCAST LIVE! CVSHRM is proud to announce they are once again a Leadercast host site. Scroll down for details on this year's focus and how to register!

    Leadercast Live is the largest one-day leadership event in the world. Broadcast live from Atlanta to hundreds of locations around the world each year, Leadercast brings together some of the most recognized and respected global leaders to create a leadership experience unlike any other.

    Leadercast Live focuses on the leadership issues most relevant to today’s time-starved leader. It is a place of inspiring messages coupled with rich interaction between fellow leaders that want to be intentional about raising their standard of leadership…all delivered with a creative, energetic and memorable approach. Leaders across all industries and various levels of their career are able to leave this event better equipped to take on their next challenge.

    Tickets will be $95 per person ($55 for a student ticket) or $500 for a table of 6. Round up your coworkers, leaders in your organization, and/or other HR colleagues to save money by reserving a table. REGISTER HERE!

    Leadercast Live 2018 / LEAD YOURSELF LEADERCAST LIVE SITE/ - view speakers, event details, and more! Earn continuing education credits, including SHRM and HRCI - CREDIT DETAILS HERELEADERCAST SCHEDULESPEAKER TOPICS.

    The world is looking for great leaders to follow.

    In order to become those leaders to the outside, we have to lead ourselves first. We must walk the walk. It’s like the flight attendants tell us: "Please remember to wear your own oxygen mask before helping others."

    In 2018, Leadercast will focus on that very concept. How do you lead yourself effectively? How do you develop your core principles and values so that your leadership is an outpouring of your innermost self? And how much more will those who follow you benefit from your leadership when you lead yourself well?

    At Leadercast Live 2018, the speakers who will take the stage will inspire you to lead yourself well first so you can better lead your families, organizations and communities after. This includes author and speaker Michael Hyatt, who will share his thoughts on personal productivity, authentic leadership and how to build more margin into your life. Michael’s leadership and personal coaching is highly sought after, and it’s a gift to learn how to lead ourselves from someone who practices what he preaches.

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